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Diane C. Garrison, PhD, Clinic Director                              

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Dr. Diane is an inspired leader, compassionate teacher, and dedicated healer.  She is a Licensed Psychologist with 30 years of clinical experience, a certified Feminine Power Coach, & a certified Life Mastery Consultant (Dream Building).  She is on a mission to teach people how to truly flourish in their lives. “After years of assisting clients to move from dysfunction to stability, I am now passionate about helping my clients move from functional to fabulous, learning how to live a life of purpose and passion”.   

Throughout her career, she has worked with mental health and life adjustment issue, as well as alcohol, drug, and other addictions, with a special interest and focus on the unique needs and multifaceted lives of women.  As she has grown in wisdom and spirituality, her treatment focus has greatly shifted from traditional symptom reduction to assisting clients to truly flourish in their lives, Mind-Body-Spirit & Emotion

Her personal journey with health challenges led her beyond traditional medicine and psychology to the world of holistic health, spirituality, and energy work. As she studied spiritual and alternative health practices, she has incorporated this knowledge into her professional practices with stunningly positive results.  The Holistic Perspective Works!       

“Honestly, my biggest challenge and biggest teacher has been to learn True Self-Compassion. I had to learn how to love and honor myself.”  She recently published the chapter, “The Power and Grace of Self-Compassion” in the new book Natural and Holistic Healing.

Individual & Couples Counseling ♦ Group Work ♦Workshop Facilitator 
Professional Consulting & Supervision ♦ Psychological Evaluation


Women's Empowerment Coaching, Women's Empowerment Group
Spiritual Growth & Healing   Reclaiming Your Vibrant Self (Midlife Burnout) 
Meditation & Mindfulness (Hush Your Mental Chatter) ♦ Mastering Stress Busters
Releasing Anxiety ♦  Resolving Depression ♦ Healing Trauma/Abuse 
Living Productively with ADHD 
Freeing Yourself from the Limitations of Co-Dependency/ACOA
Surviving Life's Transitions 
(divorce, empty nest, relocation, career change, care of elderly/sick family),                                     

Dr. Diane's Credentials:

  • Licensed Psychologist, State of Wisconsin 
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University of South Florida
  • Certified Feminine Power Coach
  • Certified Life Mastery Consultant
  • Over 30 years of experience 
  • Member: American Psychological Association & Wisconsin Psychological Association    

Contact Dr. Diane directly at: (262) 547-9673




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