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We are so excited that you found us! You have come to the right place if you are ready to begin your personal evolution, to release the pain, and live from the heart. 

Lake Country Wellness & Counseling is a Holistic Healing Center dedicated to helping you discover balanced living.
Through education, self-reflection, and skill building, we empower our clients to make changes in their self-care and lifestyle that allow them to increase self-awareness, dissolve old stuck patterns, and create a truly satisfying life: radiant health, authentic self-worth, meaningful relationships, and a clear sense of direction and purpose in their lives. 

At Lake Country Wellness & Counselingwe work with people who struggle with mental health and life transition challenges, as well as those who seek to improve their relationship with themselves, with others, or their Higher Power. We proudly offer Transformational Psychotherapy, and Women's Empowerment Coaching.  We are a LGBTQ Safe Space.

Why just survive when you can truly thrive!

Here is a special gift for you.  A new informative and experiential 30 minute video. "Creating Inner Peace in Challenging Times"

Between divisive politics and tragic world events, it is easy to feel weighed down. That does not even include our personal challenges that can create a lot of stress, sadness, and even anger.

There are simple spiritual practices that can elevate our mood, create inner peace and project us energetically from the heavy energy outside us.

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