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You’re a busy woman with a complex life doing good things every day.  You have already done important self-work. However, do you feel something is still missing, something is stopping you from becoming your best self?

Are you ready to move to the next level and learn to :

*Build that unshakeable, trusting relationship with yourself. Learn to become your own best friend.

*Identify and release those old repeating stuck patterns that block your forward movement.

*Connect to your intuition, your inner wisdom, to help you make decisions and meet the challenges in your life with more confidence

*Tap into the power of group support to help you transform your life.

Join Dr. Diane Garrison for this transformational 8 week workshop series designed to assist you to move from functional to fabulous. Come share where you feel most stuck and what you long to create in your life with a group of like-minded sisters.

The workshop series will be help twice a year, in spring in fall.  After completing the workshop series, you will be invited to join the Women's Circle monthly meeting to continue your journey of empowerment!

Contact Dr. Diane at 262-547-9673 for information on the next session

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